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Corporate:Xi'an PENGYUAN Metallurgical Equipment Co. Ltd.

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   Xi'an PENGYUAN Metallurgical Equipment Co. Ltd. was established in February 20, 2017, is located in Shaanxi Xi'an Chinese, main business is manufacturing, environmental protection dust removing technology design, smelting raw materials processing and advanced smelting technology development and design of metallurgical equipment, the company's vision is to become the service sets smelting technology can provide advanced and suitable for user solutions to leading enterprises, will "create excellent brand, metallurgy furnace industry.

   The company was founded in mind, is because China's metallurgical furnace manufacturing industry only large state-owned enterprises: Xi'an Electric Manufacturing Co., Ltd. PENGYUAN heavy electric furnace (hereinafter referred to as the west electric enterprises, PENGYUAN) no longer undertake external electric business. At present, the company's technology, technology, service, construction management staff from West PENGYUAN electric furnace, these employees love electric business do not want to give up the option to buy, or in retirement, in the original West furnace core staff under the leadership of PENGYUAN set up PENGYUAN metallurgical company. The leading business design of metallurgical equipment manufacturing company to undertake all electric furnace PENGYUAN business, also inherited the advanced technology of all kinds of electric furnace and excellent PENGYUAN mature manufacturing process, companies and industry experts to actively communicate, learn from each other, the accumulation of technology has gone beyond the West PENGYUAN electric furnace.

The main products of the company in the metallurgical equipment including electric arc furnace, ladle furnace, various types of ferroalloy furnace; in addition the company can also customize some auxiliary equipment, such as alloy feeding system, ladle, ladle, basket, flat car, ladle spreader, can also be customized for some special smelting the furnace, such as corundum furnace, magnesium smelting furnace and electroslag furnace, resistance furnace etc.. Ferroalloy furnace products, the company is committed to the nickel iron, manganese, chromium, silicon, silicon iron alloy smelting equipment design and manufacture of products and technology development.

   Company in environmental protection dust removal, mainly engaged in the old environmental protection dust removal equipment technical transformation, and according to user needs customized cost-effective, simple and easy to use dust removal system.

   Companies in the smelting of raw materials processing and advanced smelting technology development, mainly in technology design and advanced technology research and application, research achievements rely on years of cooperation company technical personnel long-term accumulation of experience and well-known experts in the industry, can provide the most suitable technical scheme for users, reduce the one-time investment amount, to avoid additional investment, ensure the advanced project technology and practicality, the user can be used to organize the implementation of energy projects, also can help users in key positions to recruit staff and staff training.

   The company's employees are interested in the study of metallurgy technology, have a strong sense of mission and team spirit; management mechanism, flexible and efficient, to give every employee give full play to the platform; companies adhere to the "professional focus, integrity management, innovation" is the concept of corporate culture; we warmly welcome customers at home and abroad come to visit exchange and cooperation.