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Steel electricity supplier to build a credit system long way to go

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Steel electricity supplier to build a credit system long way to go

After the baptism of production capacity, the iron and steel industry development appeared stable to the good situation, at the same time, the iron and steel electricity supplier development has also made great progress. From 2015 to almost full loss, and by 2016, some of the electricity supplier to achieve profitability, it should be said that the iron and steel electricity supplier profit model has been tested in practice, logically feasible. It is worth mentioning that the steel business has been in the forefront in the commodity business transactions, in a new national commodity electricity providers selected by B2B (business to business) ten, 6 with iron and steel, occupy more than half of the share. It can be said that the iron and steel electricity supplier is becoming the leading commodity electricity supplier leader".

But undeniably, in achieving impressive results at the same time, many steel electronic business platform is still facing some common problems, such as credit system construction is imperfect. Obviously, the service ability is insufficient, lack of business integrity, rules and standards in place, trading rights ineffective, contract fraud, vicious price online auction, the problem of resources is not true, easy to cause the business platform credit value decreased, the influence of platform activity.

In addition, the steel business platform is also facing lack of user stickiness issues. As a well-known electricity supplier of a Vice President talked about, because customer stickiness is insufficient, user growth tends to slow. This time the completion of the sale, the next does not necessarily continue, nor necessarily sustained demand. From a logical point of view, the credit level of user stickiness and the business enterprise does not constitute a direct causal relationship, but to build a good credit system of steel electricity supplier, will help enhance the platform's credibility and brand value, helps to enhance user stickiness.

Iron and steel electricity supplier credit system construction, including the construction of internal credit system and external credit system construction. The construction of internal credit system not only includes the optimization of the basic functions of the platform, but also includes the improvement of payment and settlement, risk control, resource management and storage management, and other derivative service functions. The construction of external credit system includes the establishment and maintenance of user credit rating, establishment and maintenance of inter enterprise credit synergy effect, participation in the formulation and implementation of industry credit standards, etc..

In fact, the electricity supplier of steel construction of credit system is affected by many factors, such as the delivery of uncertainty, payment, settlement and concessions in the form of more steel resources, the standard is not unified, quality issues in different ways, warehousing, logistics and platform convergence is not close, etc..

Therefore, the iron and steel electric providers to build a credit system is more difficult. Traditional thinking that iron and steel electricity providers as long as the moral high point, good faith management, serious work, re contract, Shou credibility, you can establish a credit system. In fact, otherwise, iron and steel electricity supplier to do a lot of things. Technology, the steel electricity supplier need to develop information security technology, building credit system data platform, thereby reducing risk and enhance credibility. In addition, from the promotion of "soft power" perspective, the iron and steel electric providers to build credit systems can be made in two areas.

On the one hand, it is necessary to improve service capacity and reduce self employment. Iron and steel electricity supplier's ultimate profit point must be services, rather than self-employed. Self has two kinds, one is the steel business to rely on their own money order directly through the platform for sales; the other is a "value distribution", steel and other steel trading business to help sell products on the platform, for the steel trade commission or both sides agreed to a certain proportion of rebate". Iron and steel electricity supplier in the early stages of the establishment, the need to accelerate the operation of funds, expand the scale of operation, improve revenue, enhance market discourse, so self governance is also a normal enterprise development strategy. However, after the electricity supplier platform volume up, if you continue to carry out self-employed, easy to compete with the user. In the long run, the self-employed belong to the scope of trade, and the ultimate purpose of the iron and steel electricity supplier is to provide services, that is, by optimizing the allocation of resources, so that more companies benefit through the platform. Commodity B2B is different from FMCG, steel is the means of production of consumer goods, industrial property and financial attributes are very strong, iron and steel electricity supplier is to connect the upper, middle and lower reaches of the integrated service platform. In the long run, iron and steel providers should be strong and big brands, improve credibility, should avoid or reduce self.

In addition, self storage stocks need to take up a lot of money, steel market volatility is greater impact. Iron and steel electricity supplier if not in the country to establish storage and transportation center, there is no precise market judgment ability, self cost is very high, the demand for capital flow is also very high. Blindly develop self-employed, will affect other aspects of the development of electronic business platform.

On the other hand, to benefit the entire industry chain. Although the steel business has been profitable, but still continue to profit plough. At present, some of the electricity supplier profitability is still unstable, a single profit model, we need to continue to explore a fundamental change in the profit model. Let the whole industry chain benefit, is the direction of the steel electricity supplier profit model change, but also an important objective of iron and steel electricity supplier credit system construction. Iron and steel electricity supplier in addition to the pursuit of profit, but also should play platform advantages, integration of more resources, do more innovation, optimize service, for users, industry to create more value. If the user cannot purchase a commercial platform for cost reduction, with shorter time to find the right resources, can not meet the needs of more convenient through the platform, then the online trading and traditional offline business is not much difference. In addition, the real deal platform to reach a certain scale, you can achieve customized through big data

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