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Industry trends

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Recently, the domestic structural steel market is mainly based on consolidation and stabilization.

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Last week (October 23 to October 27, the same below), the domestic structural steel market price was running smoothly. Industry insiders expect that, on the whole, this year's national infrastructure demand is still to be released, and market demand may not be weak in the off-season. Under the influence of the heating season, the supply contraction is obvious this year, which leads to a good situation on the supply and demand side. It is expected that the structural steel market may develop to a good level before the end of this year.

According to industry insiders, the specific basis for making the above judgments is:

First, the economy is stable and the situation is continuing to develop. According to the macroeconomic data of the third quarter, the GDP of the first three quarters was 593.28 billion yuan, which was 6.9% higher than the same period of last year and 0.2 percentage points higher than the same period of the previous year. In the third quarter, GDP grew by 6.8% year-on-year, and the economy continued to operate in the interval of 6.7% to 6.9% for nine consecutive quarters, maintaining medium-to-high-speed growth. The steady development of China's economy and its steady development are the basis for supporting the stability of the steel market including structural steel.

Second, the furnace material market has been slightly adjusted: the price of iron ore has fluctuated, the price of coke has continued to fall, the price of scrap has risen steadily, and the price of pig iron has steadily declined. As of October 27, 58% Australian powder price of 53 US dollars / ton, compared with the previous week fell 1 US dollar / ton; 62% Australian block price of 89 US dollars / ton, compared with the previous week fell 4 US dollars / ton.

Third, the national structural steel market price is running smoothly. On October 27th, the price of structural steel in Jiangsu market was temporarily stabilized. The price of 45# carbon steel in Changzhou market was 4350 yuan/ton, the price of Nangang in Nanjing market was 4430 yuan/ton, and the daily shipment of large households was 200 tons to 1000 tons. The internal price is still stable. In the Hangzhou market in Zhejiang, the price of the special steel ф40mm~ф160mm carbon steel is 4340 yuan / ton, the price of Zhongtian Iron and Steel bar 45# carbon steel ф20mm~49mm is 4370 yuan / ton; the daily turnover of large households is 300 tons ~700 tons, the volume of small and medium-sized households is between 100 tons and 300 tons. The price of structural steel in Chongqing is weak. The price of 45# carbon steel is 4320 yuan~4350 yuan/ton, the price of 40Cr is 4550 yuan~4600 yuan/ton, and the price of 20CrMnTi is 4650 yuan~4800 yuan/ton. The price of structural steel in the Xi'an market in Shaanxi maintained steady operation, the production of peripheral steel mills continued, and the cost of resources in the local market continued to rise. Most merchants say they are mainly wait and see if there is no obvious release of demand.

Fourth, the national steel social inventories fell again, and the impact of heating seasons on supply was significantly greater than demand. According to the monitoring data, on October 27, the national steel social inventory index was 92.3 points, down 1.05% from the previous week. The social stock of steel in 29 key cities nationwide was 8.5018 million tons, a decrease of 89,600 tons from the previous week, down 1.05%. This year, the government implemented a heating season limited production program. While steel production is limited, infrastructure construction and other operations will be limited, thus curbing demand. Overall, its inhibitory effect on the steel supply end is greater than the demand side.

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