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Breaking foreign monopoly! Specialized large-scale bellless top equipment to achieve localization

Release date:2018-12-19 The author:www.xapyyj.com Click on:

“The key process equipment and application technology of the extra-large blast furnace bellless top in China, which has been independently researched and developed by China, has ended the long history of foreign monopoly bell-less top technology, which is not simple.” December 20, 2017, by China Metal The project evaluation meeting of the “Key Process Technology and Equipment Development and Application of the Extra Large Blast Furnace without Batter Furnace” organized by the Society was held in Baosteel Zhanjiang Iron and Steel Company of Baowu Group. The director of the project jury and the academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering Yin Ruizhen commented at the meeting. .

It is reported that the project “Key Technology and Equipment Development and Application of the Extra Large Bell Blast Furnace Topless Boiler Top” was completed by Zhanjiang Iron and Steel, China Metallurgical Saidi and Qinye Heavy Industry. Wang Tianyi, advisor to the China Institute of Metals and chairman of the expert committee, and Yang Tianyu, professor of the Beijing University of Science and Technology, served as the deputy director of the jury. The jury members also include experts and scholars from the China Institute of Metals, the Iron and Steel Research Institute and related companies. The jury agreed that the results of the project have reached the international leading level and it is recommended to speed up the promotion and application.

Liu Bo, deputy general manager of Zhanjiang Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. introduced in the project report that in order to realize the localization of extra large bell-less top equipment and improve the technical strength and market competitiveness of China's metallurgical equipment, on May 15, 2009, led by Baosteel, the China Metallurgical Competition Di and Qinye Heavy Industry participated in the research and development of the Zhanjiang Iron and Steel Blast Furnace Extra Large Bellless Top Joint Research Group, from the super large bellless top mechanical equipment technology, high precision technology, reliable longevity technology, energy saving and environmental protection technology, anti-cloth segregation technology With high-efficiency, low-cost, stable production and operation technology, we will carry out research and develop a new generation of extra-large bellless top technology.

The project report shows that after the equipment was put into operation on the 2 large blast furnaces of Zhanjiang Iron and Steel, the average furnace top pressure of the blast furnace was greater than 0.26 MPa, the average wind temperature was higher than 1260 degrees Celsius (up to 1280 degrees Celsius), and the gas utilization rate was 50%. ~52%, TRT (Blast Furnace Gas Surplus Turbine Power Generation Unit) has an excellent operating index of 46 kWh/ton of iron~48 kWh/ton of iron and a fuel ratio of 488 kg/ton of iron. The project has obtained a total of 55 authorized patents, forming an industry standard. Up to now, the technical achievements have been applied to more than 10 large-scale blast furnaces at home and abroad, including Baotou Steel, Pohang Steel, and Formosa Plastics. Li Honggu, director of the blast furnace department of the Pohang Iron and Steel Plant, who participated in the evaluation, said that the equipment has been operating stably in Pohang Steel's production units for three years, which is of great help to the stable operation of the blast furnace and the reduction of production costs.

It is understood that the bell-less top equipment is the device for loading and distributing the top of the blast furnace. It is the only passage for the furnace to enter the blast furnace, affecting the air distribution inside the blast furnace and the consumption of raw fuel. It is the “throat” of the blast furnace. The development of high-level bell-less top equipment technology has always been the focus of attention in the domestic and international steel industry. In the past 40 years, the technology of the bell-less top has been monopolized by foreign countries. China has no right to speak in the field of large-scale blast furnace roof equipment.

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