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The recent steel market decline or gradually weaken

Release date:2018-12-21 The author:www.xapyyj.com Click on:

Last week (January 15th to January 19th), the national steel market was adjusted and the performance of each variety was different. The domestic construction steel market prices fluctuated, but the increase was much lower; the sheet continued to fall, and the overall decline of plate, cold rolled coil and hot rolled coil was close to 100 yuan per ton. Li Lijuan, general manager of Shanghai Securities Tianjin Sales Department, pointed out that last week, Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, Jiangsu, Henan Anyang and other places have successively upgraded heavy pollution weather emergency response measures, and strengthening environmental protection is a positive factor for the steel market. After the national steel market fell sharply in the early period, the market risk was basically released, and the current price has also fallen to a relatively low level. Merchants are more and more concentrated in the winter storage, and a small number of merchants have entered the market. At present, the possibility of a deep drop in steel prices in the short term is small, and the market price decline may gradually narrow.

The main basis for making the above judgment is:

First, China's economy is developing steadily and healthily, providing a good operating environment for the steel industry. According to macro data, in 2017, China's economy continued its steady development trend, with GDP growth of 6.9% and total economic output exceeding 80 trillion yuan. Import and export reversed the decline for two consecutive years. Foreign exchange reserves continued to increase; corporate leverage ratios steadily declined, and central enterprises' profits reached their best level in five years. In 2018, the new round of opening up and the active promotion of the “Belt and Road” will steadily stimulate China's external demand. At the same time, internal consumption will continue to grow at a relatively fast pace, and the pace of structural upgrading will continue to accelerate, and its contribution to growth will continue to increase. . It is estimated that China's economic growth in 2018 will still be maintained at around 6.7%, becoming the main source of power for world economic growth. The steel industry achieved multiple qualitative changes in 2017, and the added value of industrial enterprises above designated size in the steel industry increased by 0.3% year-on-year. The structural reform of the supply side in 2018 will continue to be the main line accompanying the development of the steel industry.

Second, last week, the national steel social inventories continued to rise on a week-on-week basis. At present, the national steel social stocks have risen for five consecutive weeks. According to the monitoring data, as of last Friday (January 19), the social stock of steel in 29 key cities nationwide was 7.933 million tons, an increase of 371,100 tons from the previous Friday, an increase of 4.90%. In terms of varieties, the national wire rod social stocks were 100.28 million tons, up 12.36% from the previous Friday; the rebar social stocks were 3.338 million tons, up 6.58% from the previous Friday; the snail social stocks were 21.70 Ten thousand tons, up 17.89% over the previous Friday; the social inventory of hot rolled coils was 1,602,200 tons, up 0.86% from the previous Friday; the social inventory of cold rolled coils was 815,800 tons, compared with the previous Friday. It rose by 0.30%; the social stock of plate was 956,900 tons, up 0.55% from the previous Friday.

Third, the average price of the spot steel market last week was mixed on a week-on-week basis, with a year-on-year decline. According to the monitoring data, as of last Friday, the average price of ф25 mm III grade rebar in the 10 key cities in China was 3997 yuan/ton, up 24 yuan/ton from the previous Friday and 744 yuan/ton from the same period of last month; ф6 The average price of the .5 mm HPB300 high line is 4,244 yuan / ton, up 13 yuan / ton from the previous Friday, down 690 yuan / ton over the same period of last month; the average price of 5.5 mm hot rolled coil is 4,069 yuan / ton, Previously, it fell by 81 yuan/ton on a previous Friday, down 290 yuan/ton from the same period of last month; the average price of 1.0mm cold rolled coil was 4796 yuan/ton, down 91 yuan/ton from the previous Friday and down 208 from the same period of last month. Yuan/ton; the price of 20mm medium plate is 4016 yuan/ton, which is 82 yuan/ton lower than the previous Friday and 308 yuan/ton lower than the same period of last month.

In addition, last week, the national steel comprehensive price index fell continuously on a week-on-week basis, and the price of imported iron ore market fluctuated slightly on a week-on-week basis, which was also a factor affecting the trend of the steel market.

                                                                                                                                                                                                       --Excerpt from China Metallurgical News

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