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Development of electric furnace steelmaking must break multiple resistance

Release date:2018-12-25 The author:www.xapyyj.com Click on:

Domestic steelmaking has gradually reduced its dependence on foreign mines. Making full use of scrap resources is a big situation led by the government. At present, the cost of scrap is higher than that of hot metal. The profitability of enterprises will become the biggest resistance to the continued growth of scrap consumption, and In terms of steel technology, the amount of scrap used cannot be increased indefinitely.

To promote the optimization and upgrading of the steel industry's variety structure, and taking into account the improvement of the industry's environmental protection level, the development of electric furnace steelmaking technology has become the focus. Then, at present, does China have the conditions for continuous upgrading and in-depth development of electric furnace technology?

On the one hand, for the renewable resources industry, there is no other relevant policy introduced except for the 30% tax rebate for enterprises listed in the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. Although the state has certain subsidy policies for scrapped automobiles, the scrap industry is currently marginally weak, the production enterprises are less motivated, and domestic scrap resources are still not fully utilized.

On the other hand, there is no clear supportive policy for electric steelmaking in China, in which the cost of electricity is high, and there is no concession at present. According to statistics, compared with iron ore steelmaking, the cost of electricity for scrap steelmaking is only 200-300 yuan/ton. Wait.

The lack of policies and the shrinking of profits have also reduced the enthusiasm of processing enterprises, resulting in the amount of scrap produced not closely following the production of crude steel, and the overall quality of scrap is not stable, and doping makes false behaviors happen.

Graphite electrode is used as raw material for electric steelmaking. In 2017, it was out of stock and the price continued to rise. As of now, its price is still high.

Combined with the current domestic environmental protection, capacity reduction, and limited production, steel enterprises will weigh the advantages and disadvantages between iron ore and scrap, which is not conducive to the release of scrap demand.

In short, based on the analysis of the above situation, the development of electric furnace steelmaking in China still faces many obstacles. The electric arc furnace capacity in the first half of 2018 has not increased significantly. It is obvious that according to Jinlianchuang research, some areas have been in compliance with electric arc furnaces. The start-up plan, but because the electric arc furnace production is extremely flexible, and its cost is too high, it is difficult to ease. It is expected that it will be difficult to achieve optimism in the second half of the year, but the new capacity will still have a certain impact on the market trend, and it still needs high attention.

From: China Electrical Equipment Industry Association website

Xi'an Pengyuan Metallurgical Equipment Co., Ltd. was established on February 20, 2017. The company is located in Xi'an, Shaanxi, China. Its main business is the design and manufacture of metallurgical equipment (electric arc furnace, submerged arc furnace, ladle refining furnace, other refining furnaces and metallurgical auxiliary equipment). The company's vision is to become a service-oriented leading enterprise that can provide users with advanced and applicable complete smelting technology solutions. The company is determined to make “Pengyuan Metallurgy” into the electric furnace industry. Excellent brand. Pay attention to us, keep abreast of the latest developments in the industry, hotline: 13819831910.

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