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Chen Derong: The best time for Chinese steel to enter the reshuffle (1)

Release date:2018-12-19 The author:www.xapyyj.com Click on:

Baosteel (now renamed China Baowu) is the product of China's reform and opening up. It is the forerunner of state-owned enterprise reform. Through decades of hard work and continuous innovation, it has created world-class performance, built into a world-class enterprise, and led the Chinese steel industry. Taking the road of modern development has opened up the road of modernization and development of China's steel industry and created a new model for the development of China's steel industry. On July 31, the reporter of China Metallurgical News came to Chen Derong, the party secretary and chairman of China Baowu. In Shanghai at the end of July, the sun was hot, but in the eyes of Chen Derong, the cause of China Baowu was even hotter than the weather.
China's first modern industry born with the "Golden Key"

On December 23, 1978, on the second day of the successful conclusion of the Third Plenary Session of the Eleventh Central Committee of the Party, on the bank of the Yangtze River, Baosteel laid the first pile, marking the beginning of Baosteel's construction. At that time, just after the end of the decade of unrest, China’s various undertakings were in vain and needed to be invested. The state has reduced its food and used 30 billion yuan to build a steel enterprise, which has caused quite a lot of controversy. With the controversy and doubts, Baosteel's construction has also been a few downs, but the determination of the Party Central Committee to build Baosteel has never wavered. Comrade Deng Xiaoping predicted: "History will prove that the construction of Baosteel is correct."

Nearly 40 years have passed, what kind of answer has Baosteel handed over? Chen Derong told the reporter of China Metallurgical News that Baosteel is not only a successful implementer of China's large-scale introduction project after the reform and opening up, but also a practical verifier of China's reform and opening up reform and opening up policy. Baosteel people "built a Baosteel, handed over a Baosteel, and exported a Baosteel" to hand over three excellent answers to the people of the country, and achieved the goal of maintaining and increasing the value of state-owned assets with excellent business performance.

As the first modern large-scale iron and steel enterprise that the country has invested heavily in since the reform and opening up, Baosteel people have gone through a successful Baosteel development path and wrote a brilliant stroke for the Chinese steel industry to take off. Summarizing the experience of Baosteel, Chen Derong believes that there are several aspects worthy of attention:

Baosteel has embarked on a large-scale “introduction-digestion-absorption-innovation” construction of a large-scale modern steel enterprise, creating a precedent for Chinese steel companies to catch up with international advanced technology. On the basis of digestion and absorption, Baosteel boldly explored system integration and independent innovation, and created a system management system for large-scale engineering construction projects and a modern production management model for large-scale steel enterprises. Its experience has been spread to other domestic brother enterprises.

Baosteel has embarked on a road of quality and efficiency intensive development of iron and steel enterprises. Baosteel has abandoned the traditional extensive production mode. From the very beginning, it has positioned itself in the domestic market, replacing high-value-added and high-tech products with imported products. It has always aimed at the most advanced international technology and implemented product quality standards and quality management systems with users. Docking, from pursuing production and output value to pursuing quality and efficiency, and rising to the pursuit of maximizing corporate value, has achieved great economic and social benefits.

Baosteel has embarked on a new industrialization path for Chinese steel companies. Since the construction period, it has been based on the automation of production and manufacturing, focusing on the combination of information technology and steel production technology; focusing on eco-friendliness, investing heavily in environmental protection facilities, controlling pollution from the source, protecting the environment, saving energy and reducing consumption, and promoting resource recycling. Use; adhere to the "people-oriented", provide a huge stage for the growth of employees and the value of talents, talents become the most important strategic resources of Baosteel.

Baosteel has embarked on a road of reform and development in which Chinese state-owned enterprises have become bigger and stronger. While the production capacity and sales scale continue to expand and rank among the ranks of international advanced steel companies, Baosteel has changed from a steel plant under a planned economic system to a market competition entity with independent operation and self-financing under the market economy system, following market rules. Grasping market opportunities and ranking among the world's top companies with strong international competitiveness.

The numbers may be boring, but they are the most convincing. From September 1985, the first phase of Baosteel was completed and put into production until June 2018. China Baowu accumulated 681 million tons of iron, 761 million tons of steel and 704 million tons of steel. The sales revenue was 4.4 trillion yuan and the profit was 301.799 billion yuan. The tax paid was 297.182 billion yuan. Baosteel is the largest and the world's top three auto sheet manufacturing enterprises in China, with an annual production capacity of over 10 million tons. In addition, the annual production capacity of Baosteel Oriented Electrical Steel reaches 800,000 tons, and its production scale ranks first in the world, accounting for about one-third of the total output of globally oriented electrical steel, which fully meets the needs of China's transmission and distribution industry.

Nowadays, in all areas of the national economy, from high-speed rail, aerospace, large aircraft, nuclear power, small cars and home appliances, we can all see Baosteel's products. It can be said that Baosteel is not only a product of China's reform and opening up, but also uses the steel "ridge" to support China's grand undertaking of reform and opening up.

                                                                                                                                                                                                           Excerpt from: China Metallurgical News

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