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Chi Jingdong: The steel industry can take the lead in achieving high quality development

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"In recent years, the steel industry has actively recognized the new normal, and has adapted to lead the new normal, and has effectively promoted supply-side structural reforms, and solidly promoted 'three to one, one reduction and one supplement', basically solving the problem of a serious excess of steel production capacity, but The structural contradictions of unbalanced development, inadequate, uncoordinated and unsustainable development are becoming more and more prominent, and the urgency of transformation and upgrading is enhanced.” On May 18, the “China High-Tech Co., Ltd. and Nanjing Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. jointly sponsored the “high” At the JIT+C2M Summit Forum, Chi Jingdong, vice president of China Iron and Steel Association, said in his speech, “Steel enterprises must recognize the situation, change their concepts, strengthen their confidence, enhance their sense of urgency and responsibility, and pass Everyone works together to achieve high quality development. We have the many advantages to take the lead in achieving high quality development."

China's steel industry has entered a new stage of high quality development

"In terms of total steel production capacity, the steel industry has clearly shown a state of oversupply." Chi Jingdong pointed out that "the data of the past three years shows that the release of crude steel output has been able to dynamically adjust with domestic and international market consumption. In 2015, the output of crude steel was 804 million tons, and in 2016 it was 810 million tons. In 2017, it was 832 million tons. The production space for the production of 140 million tons of “strip steel” was able to be replenished, and there were no people. Worried supply shortage problem.” From the demand side, the domestic apparent consumption of crude steel has entered the peak platform area since 2013. In 2017, the apparent consumption of crude steel in China was about 760 million tons. In the future, GDP will change from high-speed growth to medium-high-speed growth. The crude steel consumption intensity per unit of GDP and unit fixed assets investment will decline, and domestic demand for crude steel consumption will not continue to increase.

The 19th National Congress of the Communist Party pointed out that after long-term efforts, the main contradictions in our society have been transformed into contradictions between the people’s growing needs for a better life and the uneven development. Chi Jingdong pointed out that the transformation and upgrading of China's steel industry is to focus on solving the problem of unbalanced development and insufficient development. It is to improve the quality and efficiency of development in accordance with the principle of quality first and efficiency first, that is, to better meet the needs. The country, the people and the society have higher demands for development quality, supply quality, service quality, and ecological environment quality, as well as higher requirements for steel quality, life, safety, environmental protection and practicality. This means that the steel industry is entering high quality. In the new stage of development, the steel industry relies on innovation in technology, quality, cost, service and management to achieve development.

China's steel industry has a material basis for high-quality development

Chi Jingdong introduced that in recent years, China's steel industry has unswervingly promoted capacity reduction and achieved remarkable results. The utilization rate of steel production capacity has basically recovered to a reasonable level, and the contradiction of severe steel production capacity has been effectively alleviated, and the operating situation of the steel industry has improved significantly. In 2017, the average sales profit rate of member companies counted by the China Iron and Steel Association returned to 4.7%. After several generations of efforts in China's steel industry, from geological exploration, mining and dressing to iron making, steel making, steel rolling, and deep processing, the technical level of the whole industry chain, as well as the level of automation information, energy conservation and environmental protection, overall They have reached world class. “This is a solid material basis for achieving high quality development,” he said.

In terms of technology, the scientific and technological innovation in the steel industry has achieved remarkable achievements, and the overall level has been significantly improved. The structure of the steel industry has been continuously optimized, the quality of the products has been significantly improved, and energy conservation and environmental protection have taken great steps, and technological innovations have emerged. The innovation system of the steel industry is becoming more and more perfect, and the level of innovation is constantly improving. The promotion of scientific and technological innovations in the steel industry has been accelerated, and the application effect is obvious. In terms of talents, we have formed the largest and highest quality steel industry army and R&D team in the world from talent cultivation, use and mobility. We not only have specialized metallurgical colleges and R&D institutions to train professionals, but also have accumulated a large number of specialized talents and intellectual property rights due to the large scale of the industry. "This is the technical foundation and talent guarantee for achieving high quality development." Chi Jingdong pointed out.

China's steel industry has formed a consensus to achieve high quality development

"Most of the iron and steel enterprises have already had a more specific and deeper understanding of high-quality development." Chi Jingdong believes that "from the concept of development, everyone has basically formed a consensus that must take the road of high-quality development, which is to promote the realization. The premise of high quality development."

In the past few years, everyone has made a fuss and brainstorming on scale expansion. In recent years, especially in 2015, the industry losses and the supply-side structural reforms since 2016 and 2017 have brought about tremendous changes. The importance of accelerating the transformation of development methods and promoting high-quality development has been realized and perceived.

Chi Jingdong pointed out that over the years, the steel industry has been labeled as "two highs and one capital" and "two highs and one surplus". In many respects, it has been treated unfairly, unfairly and even discriminatoryly and prohibitively. To a certain extent, this also forces us to re-examine the development path of the steel industry.

“Steel manufacturing is a typical process manufacturing industry. The basic feature is to use coal, iron ore and other energy resources for production. Up to now, there is no adequate, economical clean energy or resources to completely replace existing coal, iron ore, etc. "Production of steel." He stressed that "steel manufacturing uses a large amount of raw materials such as coal and iron ore containing pollutants, which will inevitably produce pollutants. However, the steel industry can be built with economic society and cities through continuous technological advancement. Develop a low-carbon green industry that coexists and coexists."

“Steel is a basic raw material necessary for the national economy and downstream users. There is no other material that does not consume energy, resources or consumes less steel.” Chi Jingdong further stressed that “the steel industry will still be an economic society. The development of an irreplaceable basic raw material industry. As the steel industry of the republic's economic backbone, it not only provides steel materials for downstream users and defense military workers, but also promotes economic development and social employment. In the new stage of China's economic development, it can still become a national. Supporting industries that are indispensable for economic development."

“As the forerunner of China's supply-side structural reform, the steel industry has vigorously promoted 'three to one, one reduction and one supplement', to resolve excess capacity as a breakthrough, optimize structure, upgrade and upgrade, improve quality and efficiency.” Chi Jingdong pointed out that a large number Iron and steel enterprises have begun to practice high-quality development. These enterprises have characteristics in terms of equipment level, product grade innovation capability, intelligent manufacturing, green development, employee recognition and profitability to help the steel industry achieve high quality.

“The Chinese steel industry has created brilliant achievements that are worthy of history and worthy of the people, and created industrial culture and values with Chinese steel characteristics.” Chi Jingdong finally stressed that “to enter a new era, embark on a new journey, and overcome difficulties, Strive to move forward, the steel industry can achieve high-quality development, and can take the lead in achieving high-quality development, build a large and strong modern steel, and lay the foundation for the realization of the 'two hundred years' struggle goal and the Chinese nation's great rejuvenation. Solid foundation."

                                                                                                                                                                                                            Excerpt from: China Metallurgical News

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