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Steel international capacity cooperation ushered in a period of rapid development

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“Since 2013, China's iron and steel enterprises have actively implemented the “One Belt, One Road” initiative and went global to carry out international capacity cooperation. Currently, with the deepening of the construction of the “Belt and Road” and the rise of international trade protectionism, the international cooperation in steel production capacity is positive. We are welcoming a period of rapid development.” On the occasion of the 5th anniversary of the “Belt and Road Initiative”, at the end of August, Chi Jingdong, vice president of China Iron and Steel Association and chairman of the China Iron and Steel Industry International Capacity Cooperation Enterprise Alliance, accepted the “China Metallurgy”. The reporter’s exclusive interview with the reporter opened the Ming Dynasty.

Actively implement the “Belt and Road Initiative” initiative

Steel international capacity cooperation has achieved remarkable results

Talking about China's steel industry, Chi Jingdong is full of pride. He said that since the reform and opening up, China's steel industry has made tremendous development achievements. Not only has the crude steel output increased rapidly, but it has solved the contradiction of short supply, and the overall technical level has been continuously improved, forming the world's most complete modern steel industry system. Steel engineering construction, equipment manufacturing, process technology, production organization, product research and development, etc. have been at the world's leading level. The accumulation of superior production capacity and strong industrial supporting capacity have laid a solid foundation for China's steel industry to carry out international and international capacity cooperation.

"The development of China's steel industry is itself a successful example of steel production capacity cooperation. Since the reform and opening up, China's steel industry has developed rapidly for 40 years, and it has been continuously integrated and interactive with the world steel industry for 40 years. The transformation process of going global. For a long time, the international capacity cooperation of China's steel industry has mainly been introduced, a large number of imported second-hand process equipment, the introduction of advanced technology equipment and key technologies, imported steel, iron ore, ferroalloy raw materials, coking coal, etc. The original fuel has the current industrial pattern of Chinese steel and steel worldwide," he stressed.

When it comes to the implementation of the “Belt and Road Initiative” and the results of international capacity cooperation, Chi Jingdong is like a family. He said that in the five years since the “Belt and Road Initiative” initiative, the enthusiasm of China's steel and related enterprises to go global has been unprecedentedly high. The investment focus has gradually shifted from acquiring resources to the overall layout of industrial chains such as iron and steel smelting, processing and distribution. A group of important overseas steel projects. For example, Hegang Group successfully acquired the Serbian Smeder Revo Steel Plant and reversed the loss for seven consecutive years in less than half a year. The century-old factory has regained its vitality and is known as the “capacity cooperation and co-construction of China-Central and Eastern European countries”. Model project of “One Road”; Guangxi Beibu Gulf International Port Group Co., Ltd. and Guangxi Shenglong Metallurgical Co., Ltd. jointly invested in the 3.5 million tons comprehensive steel plant of Mazhong Guandan Industrial Park; Qingshan Group Qingshan, Central Sulawesi, Indonesia The second and third phase stainless steel production projects of the industrial park will be accelerated, and the stainless steel billet and hot rolling capacity will reach 2 million tons; the Indonesian Dexin Company's 3.5 million tons comprehensive steel mill project will be fully started; Power Mining Energy Co., Ltd. will acquire the ZISCO steel plant in Zimbabwe. The project is substantively advanced, and so on. In addition, steel companies also attach great importance to the processing center, trade channel construction, expansion and stability of the export market, and achieved good results.

According to Chi Jingdong, in the past five years, China's steel metallurgical equipment technology exports have also made great progress, gradually exporting from single equipment and components, to the export of complete sets of equipment and general contracting, and the international competitiveness has been continuously improved. MCC and Sinosteel take the process design as the leader, rely on the core technology and product manufacturing, and use the project management and construction as the means to compete with the traditional European and American metallurgical equipment and equipment companies, and win the EPC (general contracting) model. A large number of international steel complete sets of projects with important influence have formed a certain influence in the international arena. The Formosa Plastics Vietnam Hejing 7 million tons steel plant project, which was contracted by China Metallurgical Group, was successfully put into operation, realizing the overall design and system output of the 10-million-ton green-green steel project; Malaysia Kuantan United Steel (Malaysia) 3.5 million tons comprehensive steel plant As scheduled, it became a typical example of China's capital, Chinese technology, and China's management to go global and carry out international capacity cooperation. China Metallurgical South successfully obtained the general contract of continuous hot-dip galvanizing unit of Spain ACS, and realized the export of China's cold-rolled technology and equipment to European developed countries. Zero breakthrough.

     Seize the opportunity of the “Belt and Road”

    Promote international steel production capacity cooperation to develop in depth

"Going out to carry out international capacity cooperation is an important measure for China's steel industry to actively implement the 'One Belt, One Road' initiative and promote the construction of the 'Belt and Road'. It is an inevitable requirement for its own transformation and upgrading, high-quality development, and it is also the response to the current 'trade war'. And an effective way to participate in international market competition." Chi Jingdong stressed.

China's steel industry has a complete steel industry system in the world, and it is one of the most advantageous industries in China. Due to the strong domestic market demand, the enthusiasm of China's steel industry to go out is not high, and the degree of internationalization of steel companies is still at a low level. As China's steel industry's superior production capacity accumulates and there is a surplus, especially with the rise of international trade protectionism, going out to carry out international capacity cooperation has become the active pursuit and realistic choice of more and more steel companies. Therefore, Chi Jingdong believes that steel investment is in a period of rapid development.

Of course, he also frankly that China's steel companies have encountered many difficulties and problems in the process of international capacity cooperation. For example, systematic research, planning, and coordination at the national and industry levels cannot meet the needs; enterprises go out of their way to fight alone and affect each other, affecting the image of China and China's steel; overseas investment in steel mill products is sold back to the domestic market, exacerbating competition in the domestic market. There are also policy barriers in the construction of steel processing plants abroad. There is a high tariff on the billet, and there is a lack of competitiveness with domestic similar products. The project financing problem has not been effectively solved, especially the financing of private enterprises is difficult, and the efficiency of financing approval needs to be improved. The overall level is relatively high; the countries along the “Belt and Road” have great religious beliefs and cultural differences, political instability, sectarian struggles and other factors affecting the progress of the project. The taxation and labor issues in the operational stage are prominent, and the issue of overseas investment protection is highlighted.

According to Chi Jingdong, in order to coordinate and standardize the behavior of steel companies going global, and promote the healthy and orderly development of international capacity cooperation in the steel industry, the China Iron and Steel Industry Association, in conjunction with the National Development and Reform Commission, initiated the establishment of the joint steel and related enterprises and institutions in March 2017. China's steel industry international capacity cooperation enterprise alliance. In this way, we can rely on the alliance, do a good job in the top-level design of the industry's foreign investment cooperation, build a one-stop policy consultation, support and information service platform, coordinate and coordinate the company's go-go behavior, and avoid vicious competition. Entrusted by the relevant state departments, the Alliance is conducting research on the basic ideas, principles and objectives, specific modes and paths of steel international capacity cooperation, and is expected to be completed within the year.

Chi Jingdong pointed out that international capacity cooperation is an important starting point for the globalization and internationalization of Chinese steel companies, and an important measure to achieve both large and strong goals. When talking about the main objectives of international steel production capacity cooperation, he believes that there are three main ones: First, the internationalization level of the steel industry has been greatly improved, reaching the level of major steel-producing developed economies, and leading companies have reached the level of world-class iron and steel enterprises internationally; It is the status of steel international division of labor and the reputation of China's steel is steadily increasing; third, China's steel plays a greater role in world steel governance.

He proposed the following principles and recommendations on how to seize the opportunity of the “Belt and Road” and strengthen international capacity cooperation:

First, adhere to the main body of the enterprise, give full play to the decisive role of the market in resource allocation, abide by commercial principles and international practices, and achieve self-determination, self-financing, and risk. At the same time, the government and associations (the coalition) should also play a coordinating and coordinating role.

The second is to pay attention to actual results, achieve mutual benefit and win-win, and benefit both at the same time, adhere to localization, create good economic and social benefits, and promote mutual benefit and win-win cooperation.

The third is to encourage advantageous enterprises and advantageous production capacity to go out and resolutely put an end to the transfer of backward production capacity and pollution output.

The fourth is to coordinate and coordinate in an orderly manner to prevent the emergence of vicious competition, to achieve key breakthroughs, to take points and gradually expand.

Fifth, international capacity cooperation must ensure that “going out, going ahead, and going well”. The company's own strategy should be clear, the purpose should be clear; it must be in line with its own reality, affordable, and meet the needs of the local market; to integrate into the local economy and society, the operation should focus on efficiency.

Sixth is international capacity cooperation, and talent is the key. It is necessary to speed up the training of a group of talented people who are familiar with local policies, humanities, good at communication, technology, business management and management.

“The Chinese steel industry, which accounts for half of the world's steel production, needs a global and international steel group. Steel companies with international competitiveness need to be built and developed through international capacity cooperation. We believe that with the joint efforts of the whole industry, we must We can seize the strategic opportunity of 'One Belt, One Road', promote international steel production capacity cooperation, greatly increase the internationalization level of the steel industry, help China's steel industry to achieve a big to strong transformation, and promote the healthy and sustainable development of the world steel industry." Chi Jingdong stressed.

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