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"Internet + steel" creates a new ecology in the steel industry

Release date:2018-12-20 The author:www.xapyyj.com Click on:

Steel Trade is a trade category with high professional requirements, and more involved in the B2B-like model. Some large-scale e-commerce platforms are connected to end users or small and medium-sized enterprises, so they are not as good as professional steel trade e-commerce companies. Especially in the case of the sluggish steel industry, both the producers and the users in steel need more professional services.

   However, China's steel industry has not been able to get rid of problems such as low industry concentration, low resource utilization efficiency, and weak anti-risk ability, and the overall situation is large but not strong. Under this circumstance, “Internet + Steel” is not only the construction of the steel e-commerce platform, but also the use of the Internet to carry out the operation coordination and overall optimization of the whole industry chain, and then form supply chain coordination, which has obvious advantages.

   With the "Internet +" strategy, the steel e-commerce platform can standardize industry data and standardize business processes, provide real-time information services while sharing information resources, effectively eliminate information barriers in the industry chain, optimize resource allocation, and achieve a balance between production and sales. Alleviate overcapacity problems.

   "Internet +" penetrates the steel production and sales chain into all aspects of the industry. Steel companies can gradually realize the intelligence of production, warehousing, processing and logistics, as well as data exchange with e-commerce platform. At the same time of reducing costs and increasing revenue, steel enterprises begin to Steel manufacturing companies are transforming into material service companies.

   The integration of the Internet will also help the steel industry to position its personalized market, promote intelligent production, create a dynamic supply chain, and improve the efficiency of industrial operations. Steel companies can make full use of the Internet to track market demand information and product usage information, and update product specifications, quality specifications, and process specifications in real time to form customer demand orientation.

   All in all, traditional steel companies still need to keep pace with the times, "Internet + steel", this is not a simple addition of the two, but the use of information and communication technology and Internet platform to allow the Internet and steel, logistics, finance, processing and warehousing Such industries are deeply integrated to create a new steel development ecology.

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