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The whole process of the entire chain systematically promotes steel enterprises to achieve ultra-low emissions

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On December 22nd, the “Steel Industry Seminar on Promoting Ultra-low Emission Control Air Pollution Technology” sponsored by China Environment News was held in Changzhou, Ministry of Ecology and Environment, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Metallurgical Industry Planning and Research Institute, Steel Enterprise and Environmental Protection Enterprise. More than 200 representatives gathered in Changzhou to discuss ultra-low emission air pollution control technology.
Dr. Yang Junfeng from the Institute of Industrial Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection of the Sadi Research Institute of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology pointed out that the construction of industrial green systems should be from green factories (greening of production processes), green products (greening of product life cycle), and green parks (in the park). The integrated management and collaborative linkage between factories and the green supply chain (coordination and collaboration of enterprises on supply chain nodes) are realized in four aspects.
“The energy saving and emission reduction work of iron and steel enterprises needs to be systematically carried out from the perspective of the whole process of steel manufacturing and the whole industry chain of upstream and downstream. The systematic solution of the whole process of the whole chain is the development trend.” Dr. Yang said in his speech.
Liu Tao, director of the Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Center of the Metallurgical Industry Planning and Research Institute, said that the sintering flue gas desulfurization technology is more efficient by wet desulfurization. The denitration technology is feasible by medium and high temperature SCR denitrification and activated carbon denitration, but the activated carbon process is not suitable for large-scale promotion of small and medium-sized steel enterprises. . He also pointed out that the current "whitening" of flue gas in the market is not an air pollution control technology. However, only some of the pollutants in the wet flue gas are captured, and a large amount of pollutants are still discharged into the atmosphere, which only improves the visual sense.
In addition, in terms of dust emission, Director Liu suggested that iron and steel enterprises should attach great importance to unorganized emission control, truly achieve ultra-low emission of organized emissions, systemic discharge of unorganized emissions, clean transportation mode, community environmentalization of plant areas, and coordinated control, intelligent digital management.
"At present, the environmental protection level of iron and steel enterprises is uneven, and the "one size fits all" environmental protection policy has severely spurred the enthusiasm of environmental protection reform of advanced enterprises. "One size fits all" has changed to "differentiation", and differentiated environmental protection policies have become a consensus." Director Liu said.
Participants visited Jiangsu's first ultra-low-emission steel company, Zhongtian Iron and Steel Group Co., Ltd., which cooperated with Jiangsu Ailwater Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. to invest 190 million yuan to transform the 550m2 sintering machine. The SDA lime slurry semi-dry desulfurization + SCR selective catalytic reduction denitration technology route has achieved ultra-low emission standards of nitrogen oxides ≤ 50mg / m3, sulfur dioxide ≤ 35mg / m3, particulate matter ≤ 10mg / m3.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Excerpt from: China Steel Network

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