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Feeding system

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Feeding system

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The mine heat furnace is the main equipment for the production of iron alloy and chemical industry. The size of the furnace is the capacity of the transformer with the capacity of Kva or Mva. The furnace is produced as a continuous operation mode, and the operation is operated according to the voltage and the large current method. The power in the smelting process is basically constant.

The classification of mine heat furnace is generally divided into round furnace and oblong furnace according to the distribution of electrode in the furnace and the shape of furnace body. According to the smelting variety can be divided into silicon iron furnace, silicon manganese furnace, soldering iron furnace, nickel iron furnace, silicon calcium alloy furnace, calcium carbide furnace, etc. The furnace structure is divided into fixed furnace and revolving furnace. According to the way of smelting, it can be divided into open furnace, semi-closed furnace and all-sealed furnace. -arc furnace equipment is mainly composed of power supply system, reactive power compensation device, feed system, electrode system, short_net, furnace and exhaust system, cooling system, hydraulic system, monitoring system, high and low voltage electrical control system, etc; Metallurgical auxiliary devices include batching system and feeding system, before the furnace equipment, lifting equipment, finished products processing equipment, dust removal system, water supply, gas supply system, the production of electrode shell, machine equipment, laboratory equipment, etc.; -arc furnace smelting system engineering include engineering design (including technology and equipment design), transmission and distribution system, material handling system, airtight furnace gas purification system, flue gas waste heat utilization (electricity) system, such as furnace capacity from 6300 kva to the 48000 kva.


The ore furnace is mainly used to produce various ferroalloy products and chemical industry carbide. According to the need to produce products to choose the appropriate mineral raw materials, in accordance with the requirements for smelting process with a certain proportion of other supplementary materials and suitable carbonaceous reducing agent such as coke, coal tar, etc., with good after send to furnace used in the form of self baking electrode and submerged arc smelting smelting.


1. Electrical control can realize automatic control operation;

2. The closed furnace cover adopts plate water cooling structure;

3. The system adopts water cooling and water cooling cable, which can effectively reduce the impedance of current system.

4. Use rotary fabric belt or rotary cloth machine to realize the continuous fabric of the top of the furnace.

5. Water cooling structure is adopted for the combination of the bottom ring, the holder and the protection screen.

6. It is reliable to conduct conductive contact with copper tile, and supports long - term overload operation.

7. The ingredients are automatically controlled by PLC, weighing with weighing sensor, uniform ingredients and high precision.

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