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LF-75t(Wuxi xue feng)

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LF-75t(Wuxi xue feng)

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  • Release date:2017/08/26
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LF ladle refining furnace for steel water refining. The structure type is divided into the heating bridge, the fourth column, the rotation of the arm and the rotary table of the large bag, for the user to choose.

Lf ladle refining furnace equipment of ladle, the ladle car and towing, furnace cover, electrode lifting mechanism, short_net, water cooling system, hydraulic system, argon gas system, electric transformer, high voltage and low voltage electrical and automation control system, etc, the stove tonnage from 10 tons to 300 tons.


1. The heating temperature of the arc heating under normal pressure, the temperature measurement sampling, and the final temperature control can optimize the pouring temperature.

2. Refining, desulphurization, deoxygenation, degassing and removal of synthetic slag;

3. The argon is stirred by argon, and the temperature of the molten steel is uniform, the composition is uniform and pure.

4. Alloy fine-tuning makes the composition control accurate, and the chemical composition of the final requirements can be achieved efficiently by means of ferroalloy element or aluminum or feeding wire;

5. The feeding feeding machine is used to make the steel liquid desulphurize and deoxidize, change the distribution of the inclusions and the exact control of the alloy elements, and have the high yield of alloy, small temperature of molten steel and small environmental pollution.

6. As a buffer between the furnace and continuous casting machine, ensure that the furnace and continuous casting match production, and realize the multi-furnace connection.

The characteristics of

1. Adopt the water cooling furnace cover, with the dust removal interface of the size of the adjustable delay outlet, so as to keep the micro-positive pressure reducing atmosphere in the furnace;

2. Copper steel composite conductive transverse arm is adopted to reduce the diameter of the electrode and improve the service life of the lining.

3. Equipped with automatic or manual temperature sampling device to accurately measure the steel water temperature;

4. Large current system adopts large-section water-cooled cable, compensator and copper steel composite conductive transverse arm, reducing the main circuit impedance;

5. Use alloy and slag automatic feeding device to accurately measure the alloy and slag in the package.

6. Equipped with PLC control system and smelting model.

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